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Review: Radio by Sophia Elaine Hanson (#2 Vinyl)

20. May 2018


Young Adult/Science Fiction/Dystopia

After the traumatic events at the dreaded prison Red Bay, Ronja is hanging by a thread. Whispers trail her through the Belly, carrying rumors of her borderline supernatural voice. Plagued by nightmares and haunted by the memories of those she could not save, she clings to the promise that her gift will soon become the weapon of the Anthem.

When doubt and arrogance cloud the eyes of their once trusted commander, Ronja and her friends are forced to take matters into their own hands. Armed with little more than an idea, they strike out on their own to silence The Music and The Conductor once and for all. But time is running out, and a new threat is stirring within the walls of the city…

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I have been dying to read this, but every time I picked it up I was terrified. What is that anyways? I think I was terrified that it was going to be one of those typical sequels that doesn’t give you anything,

Radio took the story of Ronja to a new level. I wasn’t sure where we were going after Vinyl, would she live with the Anthem? How was Cosmin and Georgie? Would Ronja and Roark be together? Did Henry seriously die? What will the Conductor do now? WILL THE NEW MUSIC DESTROY EVERYTHING?

I really liked this book. It’s such a good sequel, and I loved how it slowly but surely came to a point of no return, which left me with SO MANY questions I need Siren right away. Lucky for me it’s already on its way to my mailbox. Radio really impressed me, mostly because I felt like the romance between Roark and Ronja really felt true, and it’s not often that I feel like characters develop into actual real people.

I also love Sophia’s writing, because it’s so lyrical and it makes me feel like I’m kind of dancing through the book in a steady rhythm. Her work with poetry really shows in her books, and it makes them that much better because every word feels meaningful and logical. Everything makes sense in her writing, and I just love that. I am overly attached to Ronja, seriously, but I also fell in love with her new characters – and I can’t wait to see what Jonah is up to in the next book!

The only thing I was sad about was the fact that Georgie and Cosmin was so in the shadows of this book, because I love them to death. But I’m so worried about what’s going to happen in Siren!

This book was a perfect sequel, and I’m so much looking forward to Siren!

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