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Book Review: The Bleeders by Michaela Haze (#1 Daemons of London)

19. February 2018



Soho barmaid, Fia Taylor, unwittingly hires a hitman to kill the two murderers of her sister Melanie – only to find that Henry Blaire, the man she hired, is a centuries old incubus with a lust for human life and a mission to end anyone that knows his secret. Fia must run for her life. Will she survive? That is not the question…why does she end up in an insane asylum, muttering only his name? That is the more pressing matter…






First I want to thank Michaela Haze for sending me The Bleeders! Michaela Haze sent me this book for an honest review, and I was a little nervous about it to be honest. The plot gave me like an adult Twilight vibe, and I was sceptic.

The Bleeders is about Fia who meets Henry, who’s a daemon, and they kind of “fall in love” in the most unconventional way I guess. She hires him as a hitman to kill the people who killed her sister, and from the beginning of the book we get the picture that Fia is kind of “fucked up”, and not in a straight up good way. Which I always find so much more realistic, no one’s perfect, and Fia is far from it.

The book is mostly about their connection, and about Fia’s life and her troubles. I loved how Henry was a mystery until things were revealed, and I loved how at the end I questioned everything I’d read. Questioning as in, did it really happen or not? Was it all in Fia’s head? And it made me realize how much I want to read book 2!

The Bleeders is intense, and I have to admit that I wasn’t prepared for the sexy scenes, and it was because I thought that it was a YA book, and not Adult, so that’s totally on me. Throughout the book I wished there had been more about the hierarchy of the daemons. I wanted more knowledge of what life Henry came from, and at times I wished the book had been at least partly from his side because Fia kept repeating herself. Her life wasn’t really good, she loved Henry, she was addicted, she missed her sister, repeat. The writing is generally good, and the pace is perfect.

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