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Review: The Devil’s Lullaby by Michaela Haze (#2 The Devil’s Advocate)

15. January 2018


Adult Fiction/Romance/Fantasy/Paranormal

Before she died Dahlia Clark had many titles. Devil’s Consort. Queen of the First Circle.The Mother of the Devil’s Progeny.

She never expected ‘One of the Lord’s Chosen’ to be added to that list. The ice prison took something vital from her. (No. Not her designer heels…) Dahlia was torn from her daughter and her lover, Lucifer. War between Heaven and Hell be damned. She’s going to get her life back and not even the Lord can stand in her way.




I first read the first book The Devil’s Advocate last year, only to really fall in love with the intricate story of Dahlia Clarke and the Devil himself. The story had so many interesting details, but I felt like the story moved very fast and I wanted more details of Dahlia’s thoughts and reflections. And that surprised me with this book!

The Devil’s Lullaby went into much more depth about the system of Hell, because yes, there is a system and it felt kind of messy in the first book. In this book I felt like I had a larger grasp of who was who and why they were there. I also liked the introduction to the Summerlands; aka Heaven.

I think that a lot of people would argue that this book goes against so many principles of feminism. It is also incredibly sad to read about abusive relationships. But what this book is, is kind of a product of what we think Lucifer is about. And it actually works. Not once was it okay that Lucifer spoke badly to Dahlia. Not once was it okay that Dahlia took his crap. And not once was it okay that Lucifer mistreated her. But you know what? It’s kind of refreshing to read a book that isn’t sugar-sweet. That actually is about those dark parts of the “human” mind. And it made up some really cool characters.

I actually felt kind of irritated because there is a small love-triangle in this book (All though there isn’t one really?). I don’t like love-triangles, but for once I was rooting for the losing player. So that was kind of a bummer. I think that what I feel like miss in the story about Dahlia and Lucifer (to me) is the fact that Lucifer, all though anything but flawless, is still her ultimate love. Of course I loved the doubts she had in this book and the reflections on whether or not she loved Lucifer, or if it was because of her bond to him. But I wish she had acted on it.

Of course that is my own personal meaning, and all though it does reflect so in my rating, it doesn’t mean that I’m right. Because I rarely are. All I can say is that I look forward to the third book! Because I want to know WHO THIS DAMN CLIFFHANGER WAS.

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