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Book Review: Red Dragon by Thomas Harris (#1 Hannibal Lecter)

3. January 2018



A second family has been massacred by the terrifying serial killer the press has christened “The Tooth Fairy”. Special Agent Jack Crawford turns to the one man who can help restart a failed investigation?Will Graham. Graham is the greatest profiler the FBI ever had, but the physical and mental scars of capturing Hannibal Lecter have caused Graham to go into early retirement. Now, Graham must turn to Lecter for help.




I have always had a fascination with serial killers, and Hannibal Lecter was what kind of made that fascination. I first saw Red Dragon a long time ago. Hannibal was so fascinating, and the story about him made me incredibly curious. It wasn’t until recently that I was browsing to find some new horror that I stumbled upon Red Dragon.

Red Dragon centers around Will Graham for the most part. To be part of his mind and almost feel how it works is both terrifying and interesting at the same time. What Thomas Harris does in this book is impressive. He gives us different points of views to fill in the blanks, and we as readers sit on all the information before Will Graham. We know everything he doesn’t know. And at times it feels like the story is told through the “Tooth Fairy’s” mind and eyes.

When it came to the story there were lots of things to like, and not nearly as much to not like. Personally the book felt perfect. But, it is a very short story on a lot of pages. The details put into this is massive. And it was sometimes hard to grasp. At one point I tried to write down names that were used, but I gave up. So there’s a lot of names, and at times I thought all of these names held meaning, but in reality they’re not really important. There’s also a lot of traveling between places, and it was kind of confusing and not always clear right away where we were.

I loved the story and how it progressed. It was the first time I’d actually felt engulfed in an adult crime story. It’s my first one ever (maybe I’m becoming an adult?). I’ve already ordered the second book, and I’m really looking forward to continuing this series!

Looking forward to the next book!

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